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Ladybug Facts for Kids – An Overview

There are almost 5,000 species of ladybugs all over the world. These are very much loved by many because they are pleasant to the eyes. These critters may come in various patterns and colors. These are familiarly seen in North America. As a matter of fact, this is dubbed as the seven-spotted ladybug. This occurred because of its red-and-black, shiny body. There are still many ladybug facts for kids. Aside from all of these, there are cultures that look at ladybugs as some sort of good luck.

Learning more about Ladybugs

People are smitten by ladybugs because they are considered graceful, pretty and harmless. Humans will not be put into danger if they are to go near the said insect. Even farmers have a found fondness in them since they always eat aphids. They also do this with other sort of pests which eat plant all the time. For every lady bug, almost 5,000 insects may be eaten. This may occur throughout its lifetime. These ladybugs have dome-shaped, oval bodies. They also have six short legs. This is based on the bug. It may be possible for them not to have any markings at all. Seven-spotted ladybugs may go in two colors. These are orange and red. They also have three spots. These are seen on every side. There is also one on its middle. Their heads are colored in black. There are also white patches which are usually seen on their side. They can also have stripes and spots.

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These ladybugs are not just colorful. There is a reason for their appearance. Their markings are responsible for telling predators to go away. They are like an implication that they are terrible. Whenever they feel threatened, these bugs have the innate ability to secrete oil. There is also this fluid which is just foul-tasting in nature. It comes from the joints of their legs. What is even surprising is that they have the ability to play dead all the time. The main predators of these ladybugs are birds. There are instances though when they also become the victim of spiders, wasps, frogs and even dragonflies. Regardless, these ladybugs would always lay their eggs in cluster manner. They may also do it in row. It is often seen under a leaf. This is where the aphids gather. On the other hand, Larvae, which may be of different color and shape is solely based on species. They are expected to emerge just after a couple of days.

Seven-spotted ladybugs have always been spiky, long and black. They also have yellow or orange spots. There are those who believe that they are synonymous to tiny alligators. Its larvae has the ability to grow really quick. It may even shed skin for a couple of times. As they get to reach their potential, they will be attached to a leaf. This occurs through their tail. Just within a couple of weeks, the pupa would then turn into a ladybug.

Facts about Sloths – What kids should know

Sloths have always been perceived as medium-sized mammal. They come in two types. There are those two-toed, while there are also three-toed. There are six various species falling in the mentioned. Each and every sloth comes with three toes. However, there are those with only two fingers. The mentioned are the two-toed sloth. Indeed, there are still various facts about Sloths to be learned. Most kids will surely enjoy this information.

Learning more about Sloths

There is a great relation to armadillos and anteaters. These are all part of the Pilosa order. Ever since, sloths are considered tree-dwelling animals. These are located in most jungles in the South America. They may also be found in the central part of the said country. The measurement of the body of sloth is from 50 to 60 cm. Their skeletons are perceived to be extinct. They may suggest various which are utilized by big animals like elephants. When it comes to its diet, sloths are known for eating new shoots, tree buds, fruit and even leaves. They are not limited to plants though because they may also munch on birds, small reptiles and even insects. Their stomach have four parts. These are known for slowly digesting tough leaves whenever they eat. There are also times when their digestion would take a month to even be completed. This only goes to show that sloths only have very little energy in them. They utilize this in moving around. This is one of the reasons why they are perceived as one of the slowest animals there is in the world.

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When they are on the ground, they can move at around 2m per every minute. Whenever they are seen on trees, they are a bit quicker for they can reach 3m. This is different when they are seen on the ground. Even if they are like this, the said quality makes them unique. It makes them easily recognizable. As a matter of fact, their unique thick fur, and as well as slow movement become a habitat for other members of the ecosystem including creatures such as algae, beetles, fungi, cockroaches and moths. The algae can be useful to them because they can provide camouflage which may later on protect sloths from other kinds of predators there are.

When it comes to their tongues, they may extend theirs for around 10 to 12 inches when outside their mouths. Their claws are sharp, long and strong. These are just useful though because they can hold branches easily. In fighting predators off, these claws serve as their own natural defense. Once a week, the sloths are most likely to leave the trees. This is one of the reasons why there is a big possibility for them to be attacked by other predators including snakes, eagle and jaguars. This has been observed.

There are two-toed sloths which are nocturnal in nature. Meaning, they are very much active during night time. Do not get this wrong though because there are three-toed sloths which are diurnal on the other hand.

Tree Kangaroo Facts – Why are they declining?

 Tree kangaroos are very much common on the lowlands. They are also found on the mountainous rainforests which are always situated in Papua New Guinea. They can also be seen around Indonesia. There are instances when they are also found on the north part of Queensland, which is in Australia. Needless to say, these live up in the foliage all the time. There is a tenfold of Tree kangaroo facts all over the place. These should be studied upon because as of now, the specie is declining and it is alarming.

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The aforementioned animal need help. This is a call that has to be answered. They are starting to lose their habitat because of deforestation. This is the least among their needs. Since the activity is pretty much apparent these days, the Tree kangaroos are being pushed to the maximum brink of extinction. This is starting to bother a ton of organizations – most especially those meant to take care of the welfare of these kangaroos.

Additional Facts about Tree Kangaroo Facts

Known for being too cute, Tree Kangaroos will always be distinct. As the name of it suggests, it is only small. It normally lives in trees. According to studies undertaken, there are 14 subspecies of them. These have been identified accordingly. There are instances when they vary. This may depend upon their size. This can be based on their food sources and location. The same is also true with the subspecies they are in. The list goes on and on.

The size of these Tree Kangaroos may start from 16 up to 30 inches. The latter is the maximum length.  There is a different measurement for their tail though. It may be from 15 to 34 inches. These usually weigh around 30 pounds. The females can be lighter than that of the males. This is one of their natures.

A quite number of shades may be seen in the Tree Kangaroo. They can even be thick. They have this light feet and there are areas of their tail which are quite light too. Their snout can be pretty long. Their ears are short. This is also the case with their teeth. This is one of the reasons why they have the capacity to tear down whatever leaf they see and they can do this without a hard time at all. Just like the typical kangaroos, they also have pouch on them. The mentioned is seen on the front part of their body. It is used so that they can carry their young.

They can be found there. The whole life of Tree kangaroos are most likely to be spent in their trees. There are times when they may be in the ground too. However, it would ask for a good deal of energy from them in order to do so. Aside from this, they can be so clumsy whenever they are on lands. This is why predators may just victimized them. They can be vulnerable this way.

Fun Facts about Uranus – The seventh planet

Being the seventh planet from the Sun, Uranus will not be visible to the naked eye anymore. As a matter of fact, it was the very first planet that has been discovered with the aid of a telescope. Needless to say, Uranus has been tipped over its side. It measures 98 degrees axial tilt. This is described as rolling around the side with its side because literally, it is. There are just tons of fun facts about Uranus that have to be discovered. This is for certain.

uranus.jpg (526×511)

It was Sir William Herschel who discovered the aforementioned planet. This happened around the year 1781. Ancients were not able to see Saturn because it was too dim during those times. At first, Herschel thought it was only a comet. However, after several years, he came to the confirmation that what he saw was actually a planet. This discovery was initially named Georgian Sidus. This was done after the late King George III. All the while, the term Uranus was came up with. This was originally suggested by Johann Bode who was an astronomer. The name originated from Ouranos – a deity of the ancient Greek.

Discovering Uranus More

Uranus will always turn on its axis every 17 hours and 14 minutes. This will have its retrograde direction which is always the opposite of Earth. This may also be in contrast with the way other planets do their turning. Uranus only gets to complete its full sun rotation after 84 years on Earth. There are points of it which may point straight on the Sun though. This would be the time when 42 years of sunlight may be realized too. The rest of the time, they will just experience darkness and nothing else.

It is not surprising that Uranus is dubbed as the ice planet. This may be synonymous to other gas giants available out there. It also goes with hydrogen. This is its upper layer. This is a mixed of helium. There is an icy mantle below it too. This is surrounded by ice core and rock. As for its upper atmosphere, it is composed of ammonia, water and as well as methane ice crystals. These are all responsible in giving the planet the bluer color it is well known for.

Uranus will always be the coldest planet in the solar system. Neptune does not have the ability to get close to the way Uranus gets it cold temperature. Most of the time, the upper atmosphere of the planet is enveloped with methane. This is a haze that takes charge in hiding the storms which usually happen in most cloud decks.

There are two sets of rings linked to Uranus. These are of thin set and there are those with dark color. These particles are just small. These may range from a dust-sized particle to a really small boulder. There are also inner rings which are eleven, and then outer rings which are two. These would form the moons of Uranus. These are just recently discovered with the aid of Hubble Space Telescope.

Causes of ADHD: Study Links Lead Exposure and Mother Smoking to ADHD

What causes ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? Contrary to popular thinking, it is not watching television. Recent studies reveal several possible causes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: maternal smoking during pregnancy and exposure to lead.

For many years, the March of Dimes and other groups have warned against the effects of smoking on unborn children. Low birth weight, premature birth, and a list of birth defects that are identifiable at birth are listed as possible occurrences.

Studies within the last few years now site ADHD, which cannot be identified at birth, as also linked to pregnant women smoking.

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Another possible cause of ADHD is exposure to lead. Lead may be found in older painted surfaces, some toys from outside of the United States, contaminated soil, and water. If parents are unsure about whether or not lead is present in the soil or certain painted surfaces, they may wish to purchase a lead testing kit as sold in many discount and hardware stores.

Exposure to lead is a known health hazard, especially in the very young with developing neurological systems. Why do some children develop ADHD and other do not? As with many health disorders scientists are working to untangle the contributing factors. Current research suggests one of those factors may be DRD4-7. If dopamine receptor (DRD4-7) has a variation and a child is exposed to lead, that child may be more prone to ADHD.

How do you know if your child has ADHD? Certainly not all children with energy (who are more interested in what is happening around them than a school lesson) have ADHD.