Ladybug Facts for Kids – An Overview

There are almost 5,000 species of ladybugs all over the world. These are very much loved by many because they are pleasant to the eyes. These critters may come in various patterns and colors. These are familiarly seen in North America. As a matter of fact, this is dubbed as the seven-spotted ladybug. This occurred because of its red-and-black, shiny body. There are still many ladybug facts for kids. Aside from all of these, there are cultures that look at ladybugs as some sort of good luck.

Learning more about Ladybugs

People are smitten by ladybugs because they are considered graceful, pretty and harmless. Humans will not be put into danger if they are to go near the said insect. Even farmers have a found fondness in them since they always eat aphids. They also do this with other sort of pests which eat plant all the time. For every lady bug, almost 5,000 insects may be eaten. This may occur throughout its lifetime. These ladybugs have dome-shaped, oval bodies. They also have six short legs. This is based on the bug. It may be possible for them not to have any markings at all. Seven-spotted ladybugs may go in two colors. These are orange and red. They also have three spots. These are seen on every side. There is also one on its middle. Their heads are colored in black. There are also white patches which are usually seen on their side. They can also have stripes and spots.

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These ladybugs are not just colorful. There is a reason for their appearance. Their markings are responsible for telling predators to go away. They are like an implication that they are terrible. Whenever they feel threatened, these bugs have the innate ability to secrete oil. There is also this fluid which is just foul-tasting in nature. It comes from the joints of their legs. What is even surprising is that they have the ability to play dead all the time. The main predators of these ladybugs are birds. There are instances though when they also become the victim of spiders, wasps, frogs and even dragonflies. Regardless, these ladybugs would always lay their eggs in cluster manner. They may also do it in row. It is often seen under a leaf. This is where the aphids gather. On the other hand, Larvae, which may be of different color and shape is solely based on species. They are expected to emerge just after a couple of days.

Seven-spotted ladybugs have always been spiky, long and black. They also have yellow or orange spots. There are those who believe that they are synonymous to tiny alligators. Its larvae has the ability to grow really quick. It may even shed skin for a couple of times. As they get to reach their potential, they will be attached to a leaf. This occurs through their tail. Just within a couple of weeks, the pupa would then turn into a ladybug.

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