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Emmi-dent 6 100% Ultrasonic Toothbrush Review

Emmi-dent 6 Ultrasonic ToothbrushDental hygiene is incredibly important for anyone that wants to be healthy. The mouth is an access point to the rest of your body, and that’s not just limited to the stomach. Your mouth shares the same pipe with your nose, so brushing and flossing constantly holds a lot more benefits than you think. At the same time, neglecting your teeth, gums, and tongue will produce bacteria that cause adverse effects in the long run. Of course, with all the PSAs and dental hygiene commercials on television, you already know that; what matters is finding the right product that will help you clean your mouth.

So, will the Emmi-dent Triumph 9900 help you in that aim, or will you just get stuck with an expensive electronic toothbrush?

How it Performs

Electric toothbrushes aren’t a new product, but during the early iterations of these devices, they didn’t have as many features as they do today. This toothbrush boasts of some unique ideas and features that are all aimed at improving your smile. The most important feature in most brushes, both electric and manual, is that they are supposed to get into the tight spaces in between the teeth. This is supposed to remove bacteria, and the Emmi-dent does its job admirably. The bristles are soft enough to penetrate in between the teeth so that you won’t need to floss too many times in a day. At the same time, the softness of the bristles allows you to protect your teeth from too much force. This is a large bonus for those that don’t want to damage the enamel and their gums. They also claim that using this brush can freshen your breath for up to twelve hours, however, that is actually totally up to the toothpaste you use.

The toothbrush also features Nano-bubbles and ultrasound abilities, which are supposed to whiten your teeth with not adverse effects. However, after a couple of days of constant use, there was no visible change. This doesn’t invalidate the products power though, as it does its job well. The internal motor runs at around 30,000 revolutions, making it a relatively fast toothbrush. The tip of the brush is easily detached and fits into the dock that comes with the set. It also comes with a small pack of Nano-bubble toothpaste from Emmi-dent, and it tastes and feels like most other toothpastes.

How it Feels

The Emmi-dent brush is comfy to hold in your hand. It’s small, and you can get a firm grip on it quite easily. It does not boast any fancy grips, and while it isn’t designed with ergonomics in mind, the bulky exterior will not get in the way. The motions that the brush takes feel a lot good as you pass them through your gums. However, the battery does need to be charged often, but if you only use this product around 2-3 times a day, this won’t be much of a problem. Overall, it’s a comfortable brush, which is easy to handle and maintain.

The Verdict

The Emmi-dent 6 100% ultrasonic toothbrush is a great tool to keep your teeth, gums, and tongue very clean. It comes as a starter set with two different brush-heads, a charger, and a basic tube of that nano-bubble toothpaste. Being priced at around $190 makes this product an affordable alternative to the other, better known brands. However, while it is a strong contender in the market, there are other brushes, which do a lot more for those with special dental needs. Pick it up if you’re looking for a basic electric toothbrush with a decent price.